The NOLA Album

Nashville, TN April 2005...  Jim and I met and began performing and writing together.  Early on, Jim encouraged me to record an album however I wasn’t so took a move to California and a bit of cajoling by Jim but finally…

Seal Beach, CA September 2012... With the exception of Someday Tonight, one of our early Nashville collaborations, the initial song ideas for this project were written in one week.  During the next 18 months, we crafted the material, changed lyrics, arrangements, threw out a few songs, combined a couple songs, recorded and re-recorded, and throughout that time, Jim has become an engineering master and producer and I have practiced the art of being a

Jim "the Amazing" Quealy

Now that all is said and done, I want to thank Jim for making this project happen.  From updating his studio gear and skills, to writing songs with me, playing some great bass, guitar, piano, mandolin and harmonica plus backing vocals, spending hours/days/weeks/months editing and recording, and especially for encouraging me to do this thing… a labor of love, thank you so much. 
A huge thank you to the musicians on the album.  For those of you who have seen RedRoots perform, you are familiar with these talented guys;  Jeremy Long, Stratocaster rhythm and solos, clavinet, Wurlitzer, accordion, pedal steel, Rhodes (Break of Day), organ (Back to Tennessee, Break of Day) , Jim Quealy (of course), and Bennie Moss, percussion.  We were lucky enough to wrangle the awesome Frank Cotinola into playing drums on the album. Thank you, Frank!

Jeremy "Rip" Long

A very special thank you to Richard Bredice for mixing it all so beautifully. Richard also provided some very cool organ pads on a few songs!  Thank you, Richard!

Frank Cotinola

To Mikaela Liam Dose, photographer, I am forever in your debt!  Thank you so much for your time and talent – I love all the photos!

And finally to our good friends, Lorenz (graphics/moral support) and Cheryl Hodge, (advice/feedback), we couldn't have done it without you and are so happy that you were part of the adventure!